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Our Technology

Greenstream is leveraging blockchain technology to develop a regulatory compliance platform that enables unprecedented oversight of the cannabis supply chain in real-time. The Greenstream platform is capable of recording and containing the complete history of cannabis transactions in a manner that is immutable, verifiable and accessible by regulators and stakeholders on a permission basis. The platform includes a new medium of exchange that is capable of internalizing the evolving federal, provincial, and territorial regulatory frameworks, ensuring that only tax remitting, regulatory compliant transactions are possible.

We are programming supply chain management policies and regulatory compliance frameworking directly into the stream, providing significant benefits for both companies and regulators in industry. Greenstream’s roadmap leads us to a fully transparent framework that creates protocol stability, security and scalability in the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

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Blockchain for Cannabis

The benefits of adopting Greenstream’s platform include guaranteeing provenance, traceability and auditability; ending the possibility for illegal cannabis to infiltrate the legal market througH untraceable, cash transactions; preventing the sale of cannabis to youth; and, ensuring the conversion of legally produced cannabis into federal and provincial tax revenue. In short, Greenstream’ platform advances the essential purposes of the Cannabis Act, to protect public health and safety while eliminating the black market.

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